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Boarding / Overnight 

$35/night per dog.


Bath Only - includes shampoo, condition, blowdry, brush out and nail trim/file.

Full Groom - bath, nails and desired haircut/trim.

Nails Only - trimmed and filed $10

 Prices vary by dog size and behavior.

Board and Train

Free training consultations. If you need help deciding what training option would best for you and your dog you can set up a consultation free of cost.

The amount of commands learned depends on the length of training you choose. The amount of commands learned is different for every dog. Factors such as food drive, confidence and focus play a huge part in how quickly your dog can learn and how many commands can be introduced. Commands offered are sit, sit stay, down, down stay, loose leash walking, heel (walking directly beside you, no pulling), place (a bed or cot to go to), stay on place, come, off (for jumping), wait (waiting at doors and other thresholds), kennel up (going in to crate when told), and leave it. With training your dog will display a calmer behavior and be better mannered. 

Puppy HeadStart - A 1 week training program designed for puppies. This program includes proper socialization with dogs and humans, different noise exposure, different environment exposure and more. This helps create a confident puppy ready for the world! Basic commands will be introduced to your puppy. When they reach an older age for a full training program, they will be more eager and ready to learn after completion of Puppy HeadStart. All puppies who complete this program will receive 20% off any training program. This training option is for puppies 8 weeks up to 6 months.

1 week option - Even a few simple commands learned can be a great start to a calmer and better behaved dog. Good option for those needing simple issues fixed such as leash pulling, jumping and dogs who need extra socialization and confidence boosting.

2 week option - Similar to the one week, a few simple commands can make a huge difference in your dogs behavior. This option is a great start to having a better behaved dog with up to 5 commands learned. 

3 week option - This option allows all commands to be introduced. Great option for those extra high energy dogs. The extra time of 3 weeks allows for all the commands to be introduced resulting in a calmer, controllable and well mannered dog. 

4 week option - All the commands are learned and guaranteed. A new and improved canine will arise from this program. 

All the programs listed above are on leash training. 

The best results come with extra time learning at Camp K-9!

Off leash training - This is a 6-8 week program with all commands learned on and off leash with a remote e-collar. 

Training Prices

Puppy Headstart - $500

1 week board and train - $875

2 week board and train - $1,100

3 week board and train - $2,000

4 week board and train - $3,000

6-8 week board and train (on and off leash) - $5,000

Board & Train PICK UP DAY

On pick up day after your dogs training, we will spend 1-2 hours together going over what your dog learned. I will show you how to continue working with your dog at home, how to properly ask for the commands and how to properly give a correction to your dog if needed. Once your dog has been through training camp, you must also learn a few things so you and your canine partner can be successful together. As the dog trainer, I teach your dog everything starting from step 1. Once the dog is trained, you must continue to work with your dog at home. If you do not continue your dogs training and enforce the commands learned, training can perish. Use the tools and information I give you on pick up day and use it everyday. Dogs want to please their humans, so don't give up on your pup and make sure they are staying active with their commands. Just a few short minutes a day of going over commands will ensure your dogs behavior stays great!

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